About IAD

The Institute for Aboriginal Development (IAD) is the oldest independent Aboriginal adult education institution in Central Australia. It was established in 1969 to provide language and culture education for all Aboriginal people in central Australia.



IAD services include:

  • nationally accredited and non-accredited employment skills training;

  • language and culture services and programs

  • educational publishing focusing on the languages and cultures of central Australia

  • an archive and reference library.


For 53 years, IAD brought together different language groups to show the practical benefits of traditional knowledge through work experience, skills training and creative products..

The graduates of IAD formed many iconic organisations that benefit our community today:  Aboriginal Interpreter Service, Congress health clinics, CAAMA radio, Imparja television, IAD Press, Yipirinya School, and land rights organisations.

Traditional Aboriginal values and leadership approaches improve employment and other Closing the Gap outcomes.  When everyone is accountable to traditional values of caring for themselves, their families and community, we can work together for the good of all.

IAD is committed to a ‘walking in two worlds’ approach to improve livelihoods for Aboriginal people.

Our Values

We will be fully accountable for our actions and embrace good corporate governance practices with honesty and integrity.

Cultural Identity
A strong cultural identity is at the heart of everything we do.  We express our pride through how we teach future generations, with the involvement of our Elders, to be cultural leaders.

We will engage our people and connect them to lifelong two- way learning in a culturally safe environment.

Ngurra – safe place for all cultures to meet and learn together.

We will always listen first and respect other people’s point of view.

We will overcome all barriers, be persistent in our dealing and continue to be solution focussed.

Working as a team we will engage with our people, communities, and stakeholders to achieve our goals.

We are committed to promoting the wellbeing of staff, volunteers, students, and their families.

Annual Report