About IAD


The Institute for Aboriginal Development (IAD) Aboriginal Corporation was established by the Uniting Church in 1969 to assist with the community development needs of Aboriginal people in Central Australia by providing education and training, publishing and language and culture services and programs.

We are an independent Aboriginal community-controlled adult education and language resource centre which aims to be the Centre of Cultural Excellence by empowering Aboriginal people from Central Australia to engage in self-determination practices using First Nation wisdom and First World technology.


Our core business includes:

  • The provision of nationally accredited and non-accredited education and training programs;
  • The delivery of language and culture services and programs; and
  • A publishing arm, IAD Press, which produces material on the Aboriginal people, languages and culture of Central Australia.

IAD Strategic Plan

The Board developed the Strategic Plan (2013-2017) which is based on the Everything comes from the Land framework as developed by Mrs M K Turner. The Strategic Plan provides us with the mechanisms to provide a place for Aboriginal people from Central Australia to gather and strengthen our languages, culture, knowledge and wellbeing. It also provides a foundation for lifelong learning. The Strategic Plan identifies the following five goals which contribute in a practical way to growing and progressing the strategic vision of IAD:-

Goal One: Strengthen our Elders to be respected and recognised as the traditional authority structures within Central Australia

Goal Two: Promote, maintain and sustain our culture and language.

Goal Three: Create unique cultural career/livelihoods and learning opportunities for our people.

Goal Four:  Teach our people to navigate Aboriginal and the Western Worlds.

Goal Five:  To share our cultural wisdom and knowledge with the world.

Our Vision

We will empower our people to engage in self-determination practises using First Nation wisdom and First World Technology.

Our Mission

To be the Centre of Cultural Excellence (Everything comes from the Land).

Our Values

Respect: In all that we do respect all people, including our people’s cultural wisdom, spirituality, experience and knowledge

Leadership: We will empower our people to be leaders within their families, communities and fields which in the operate displaying professionalism and competence

Learning: Our teachings will be engaging and exciting and connect our people to lifelong learning and encourage critical thinking

Listen First: We will always pay attention, wait and respect other people’s point of view.

Engagement: We prioritise working as a team and will engage with our people, communities and stakeholders to further the work of IAD.


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