Chairperson’s Welcome

Welcome to the Institute for Aboriginal Development.

My father Yami Lester co-founded IAD in 1969 with the Rev. Jim Downing of the Uniting Church.  I have grown up with IAD and strongly believe in its founding vision as an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation focused on language, culture, and education.  That Vision is reflected in our Mission and Goals.

IAD was created to serve Aboriginal people of all language groups in central Australia.  Now, when language and culture are at risk and yet needed more than ever, IAD needs all of us to share our different cultural insights and experiences so IAD can continue to provide its important services.

IAD’s main asset is the intellectual property that so many Aboriginal people chose to share with the public through the assistance of editors, linguists, illustrators, designers, researchers, and others.  IAD wants the Aboriginal people who own that IP to take a more central role in directly producing, updating, and communicating their knowledge with others!

We know that increasing Aboriginal control of our IP will be a challenging process for everyone, but over time it will create more opportunities for more people.

IAD is at a new beginning.  We need the cooperation of other Aboriginal-led organisations, and community members throughout central Australia.  We welcome your contribution!

Karina Lester, Chairperson